This weekend only, Redfall is 100% FREE

cropped-redfall.jpgSo, this is a quick post, just to let anyone paying attention know, that I’ve made my short story “Redfall” absolutely free for this weekend (Nov 14 -15).

Why, you might ask?  Well, because I’m celebrating the paperback release of my novella, of course!  Check it out before it’s gone.  Regular price is $.99.  If you do, I’d love a review!  Thanks again for reading!

Link to the kindle versions of the tale here:

Redfall - short story
Redfall – short story

Life has always been tough in the great grasslands known as the Heramear.

For years, a young girl named Jhin has lived in the plains with her father, hunting and fishing across the broad wilderness, while the memories of her childhood, memories of another life, slowly fade away. But her father hears the whispers on the wind, the rumours of war rising throughout the barbarian tribes, and knows it is time to head home.

Together they join a small merchant caravan heading east across the plains, leaving the Heramear and crossing the ruined expanse called the Redfall. The journey is long, and with the rest of the caravan, Jhin and her father search for a better life. But the plains are filled with dangers greater than Jhin’s father expects, and soon the caravan must face the wrath of the barbaric kinasahr, fierce nomads of the plains hunting for answers of their own.


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