Publishing on CreateSpace

Grim Drifts of Sand & Fate
The novella has arrived!

Well, my first official ten copies of my novella have arrived.  And in light of their little yellow presence, I’d like to talk about self publishing for a moment.  About letting loose your creations onto the world and, more importantly, about CreateSpace.

A month or two ago I had everything in hand.  A novella with enough of a page count to make it viable, a cover, and an embarrassing release of the book on Kindle where my typos stood out like shinning white lights in the deepest abyss.  I was ready to try my hand at a paperback version of the novella.

IMG_20151118_080805I had done research…well, I had scoured blogs and forums on the quality of CreateSpace versus Lightning Source.  Most of what I found was people complaining about both.  About quality.  About reaching your audience.  About fees and paying for a service.  About scuffed corners or inconsistencies with colour.  Well, I just wanted to go ahead and say that (so far) my experience with self publishing has been pretty damn good.  These first ten paperback copies are in good condition, and they came pretty quickly.  I’m in Toronto, Canada, so I was expecting a longer delivery time, but these came within a week.  (So did the initial proof copies, which also arrived in great condition.)

A few years ago, I had seen one or two books printed by vanity publishing houses that had the first page or two of the next book on the run printed in the back, but hopefully those days are long gone.  Now, on my little yellow novella, I do see a bit of a shift in the cover from book to book.  It nothing critical, because it’s only about 1/16th of an inch.  That’s why you should hire a designer, and make sure that nothing critical runs close to any edge.  When you make a book, or anything, for print, be realistic with your margins.

Honestly, I’m not expecting the whole process to be this smooth, but so far, so good.  If there is a problem, I change it.  I update the file, minor tweaks that don’t change the story.  If there’s enough, it becomes a 2nd edition.  Move on, and do it again.  Fail faster, right?  My early concerns were with location, as I’m in Canada and does not support CreateSpace yet.  Sometimes will refuse to ship something to us up here, saying we have to purchase an item from .ca, where that specific item might or might not exist.  This is NOT the case, I’m happy to say. is shipping my title to Canada, and there is the CreateSpace store, something which I knew nothing about until now.

So here I am, with a novella in hand, ready to find fans, to grow, to develop as a writer.  My baby is in the world…next, I should look at Lightning Source…any tips?


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