James & Æsc featured in an author spotlight by TP Keane

Author Spotlight 

In this weeks author spotlight I meet up with James Downe and Æsc Adams to discuss their novella, Grim Drifts of Sand & Fate, part of the Legacy of Ash, a Fantasy, Grimdark series by James Downe & Æsc Adams.

What is your novella about?

James – Well, Grim Drifts of Sand & Fate is a novella, and most definitely in the fantasy/grimdark genre. It follows an escaped prisoner from an imperial prison named Ceprium Past on a journey across a ruined wasteland. On his tail, hunting him to bring him to justice are three imperial knights, each with their own agendas and motivations. As the story unfolds, we see the two sides, the hunter and the hunted, as well as the reasons why Ceprium Past was imprisoned in the first place. His power has attracted the attention of Tesc, goddess of death, the Empress of Wraiths. From the heart of the ancient wasteland, to the streets of the imperial city called Tyrant, Ceprium fights to free himself, and to break the bonds of this dark goddess.

Æsc – The Shadowcast Gate is a grimdark fantasy novel that follows the exploits of The Sphinx, a hardbitten mercenary company. The men and women of The Sphinx face religious strife and political scheming at home, and long odds on the field of battle against the restive southern nomads. The company’s newest recruit, Caidris Imbratha, flees assassins sent by the Kheldr Prelacy, and he hides a dark secret that could endanger the entire mercenary band.


You can read the complete interview on Trudy’s blog…







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