a good map to lead you on your journey


So, this should be a quick post.  I should be editing and writing today, but here I am, looking at my blog and thinking about maps.  Maps are so critical for me, and probably the biggest problem I have with eBooks.  Maps suck on an eReader.   I long to open a book and see maps.  Colour, black & white, doesn’t matter as long as it’s there.

An older map of Tyrasnt
An older map of Tyrant

Now, I have a certain amount of artistic skill, and I love to work out the maps of my worlds.  Ideas for Calus Rukan, the world our Legacy of Ash is set in, has filled many of my sketchbooks.  Chris has one continent, I have another.  Yes, there are themes and characters that cross over, but we’ve both set about creating our own parts of the world.  There are many places in between, giving us the space we need to explore and travel within.

In light of this, I’ve been working on a new map for my main city, one I’ve introduced in the novella Grim Drifts of Sand & Fate, the city called Tyrant.  I’ve done a few maps of the city for my own reference, but I wanted something really meaty I could sink my teeth into.  So, with the aid of a few websites and tutorials I set about making a detailed map of my precious imperial city.


This is just a start, laying in the coastline, major and minor city streets, and the district names.  The walls will be refined, and I’ve set upon the tedious mission of putting in the buildings.  Tedious.  Anyway, hope you like it.  For me, maps are a great source of inspiration, providing a lot of flavour for these fictional worlds.


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