Review: ‘Shadow Ops – Control Point’ by Myke Cole

Control PointAn adrenaline-fueled ride through a darkly-imagined present or near-future setting in which anyone can manifest proscribed magical abilities.

Myke Cole’s military and security contracting background serve as fertile ground for this opening novel in the Shadow Ops series, which follows an Army aviator whose budding magical talent pits him against a magic-averse military bureaucracy.

Cole deftly balances the believable government stance against unsanctioned magic-use with the dilemma faced by those who suddenly manifest strange and potentially-lethal new abilities.

The premise inevitably invites comparisons with the X-Men, but Cole maintains focus on the characters’ moral and ethical struggles created by their new-found powers.

A must-read for avid military scifi & fantasy buffs, and thoroughly enjoyable for those readers looking for something gritty and fast-paced that doesn’t sacrifice character development.  – Æsc


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