Serpentine, City of Orphans



James and I have been relatively quiet recently as we put the finishing touches on the very first Legacy of Ash anthology, featuring several exclusive tales by each of us.

Each story will be set in and around Serpentine, City of Orphans, a sweltering port city struggling to outgrow its lawless reputation.

You’ll encounter freebooters, ruthless intrigue, necromancers and debauchery. Beggars, mercenaries, conniving monkeys and a city whose foundations rest on the ruins of an ancient snake-worshipping civilization.

It’s almost monsoon season, and storms always bring the most unusual flotsam to the shores of the Emerald Reach.

Watch for updates, a release date, and publication information in the very near future.

I hope you’ll join us.

– Æsc


[the accompanying image is concept art from the video game “Thief”, by Nicholas Ferrand, Senior concept artist at Electronic arts Motive, Montreal. It conveys the sense of Serpentine’s fog-shrouded harbour by moonlight.)



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