the Lone Wolf Anthology


Well, here it is, I’m pleased to announce that a short story of mine is in this new book.  Lone Wolf is an anthology of 11 different short stories from 8 fantastic writers.  Each story focuses on outsiders, the anti-social, or the misunderstood.  Characters on the fringes, outside of the norm, and in most cases, those who prefer it that way.

You can get your copy on amazon here.

Now, my tale in this anthology isn’t set in the Legacy of Ash.  Titled In Telling the Legend, it’s a standalone piece, though still very much in the fantasy genre.  Kuhlar is an old hermit and scavenger.  He lives outside of the nearest town, alone except for his dog, Halberd.  When soldiers come looking for trouble, Kuhlar is willing (albeit grumbling as he does) to dust off his old gear and take a stand.


About the Book

When the going gets grim, the lone wolf rides in.

Introducing the Lone Wolf Anthology, a collection of 11 original stories honouring the outcasts and outsiders. These masterless men and women brave the wild and dark places of epic fantasy with nothing but iron will and good steel to serve them. They’re the ones you want at your side when defeat seems certain — warriors who smile in the face of death and heed no call but their own. These are the rebels and the renegades, the defiant and the disobedient. These are the lone wolves.

Featuring all-new stories from rising stars in epic and dark fantasy:

Introduction by Michael Fletcher (Manifest Delusions)
Ben Galley (Emaneska, The Scarlet Star Trilogy)
Derek Alan Siddoway (Teutevar Saga)
James Downe (Legacy of Ash)
Joseph R. Lallo (The Book of Deacon)
Jeffrey Poole (Tales of Lentari, Bakkian Chronicles)
Timandra Whitecastle (The Living Blade)
Michael D. LeFevre (Ghost of the Black Bull)
Damon J. Courtney (Dragon Bond)



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