The Sullen Feather

The Sullen Feather


After a long delay, I’m pleased to announce that a brand new short story set in the Legacy of Ash is now available!  This one is set in the imperial city of Tyrant, where rebels called the Hounds of Tyrant are fighting against the oppression of Prince Ternoryn Curassi.  The Hounds have been given a chance to gain an advantage over the prince and the imperial Cormorants.  A ship called Jherraida’s Folly has arrived in the city, and the captain of the vessel has maps leading to the lost islands of Koi Rhe Veil.

Two Hounds, Holeni and Kaita, are sent to purchase the maps from Captain Tiro (last seen in Grim Drifts).  With the maps in hand, Holeni and Kaita make their way through the city to a tavern called the Sullen Feather.  There, the Hound called Quarn, second only to their leader Abstinence, is waiting.  But all is not well, as the Knight Commander of the Cormorants is close on their heels, and will do all he can to bring the rebels to justice and see their cause destroyed.

There are a couple of links in here to the other stories.  Both the city of Tyrant and Captain Tiro of Jherraida’s Folly were seen in Grim Drifts.  And, the character Holeni and a few of the Hounds are in the excerpt found here.  Yes, the new short is set before the events in the excerpt, but both stand alone. 

The Sullen Feather is available as an ebook through Amazon here.

Thanks for reading!


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