Politics and Governments – My 30 Day World Challenge – Day 13


Continuing the#My30DayWorld challenge, I’m gonna talk a bit about the politics on one of our continents. The Legacy of Ash began as a role-playing setting for us, slowly evolving into fantasy fiction as the characters and cultures we created began to take on lives of their own. We hope you’ll follow us over the next few weeks as we reveal a little more about our world and the characters who bring it to life.

To start at the beginning, check out the first 5 questions here.

The last one was a good one, where Æsc reveals his demonic creation, the qas.

This post will cover day 13. We’re doing them all separately over on our Legacy of Ash Facebook page, so head over and give us a like.


4/1: Who Dominates the Political Spheres in Your World?

On the continent of Alrend’ris, there are several large countries that stand out. I’m going to sum up 3 of them.


Map of Alrend’ris by James Downe



1 – The Empire of Mirias Deil

Mirias Deil, or the Miriai Empire, lies on the western edge of Alrend’ris on the shores of the Aechetian Ocean. The empire is ruled by an emperor, the title passed on by blood. The emperor is aided by a council of wealthy nobles who each hold the title of ‘dur nathom’. This rank is similar to that to a senator. Within the council, each dur nathom specializes in maintaining a certain area of the empire. Dur Nathom Eld, for example, is the Master of Coin, while Dur Nathom Junar is Mistress of Ships.

The Miriai Empire is strong, its power coming from highly professional and experienced legions. But while the emperor still has the might of his legions, the land itself is falling. Farms are failing to produce enough crops to sustain the cities, mines running dry, and livestock harder to protect from the growing threat of Ans’relan demons. But a harsh life breeds hard people, and the soldiers the Miriai Empire produces are unmatched by most.


2 – The Inturian Republic

On the eastern shores of Alrend’ris lies the prosperous Republic of Inturian. Run by a group of magistrates called the ko’Intur, the republic is a rising force in the world, finally taking hold of its power after years of struggle and civil war. The ko’Intur are elected by their people, each one managing a different region of the republic. The country spreads from Inner Rukari Sea in the east to the desolate wastelands of the Hearmear to the west. The Heramear is the only thing preventing the Miriai Legions from marching into their lush plains, a natural barrier protecting the Inturians from their enemies.


3 – The Gorgon Court

Far to the south, where the Sule Basin Strait separates Alrend’ris from the southern continent of Kyonoth, lies the brutal and vicious Gorgon Court. Throughout the strait and the shores of Alrend’ris the Gorgon Court battles pirates, brigands, and thieves for control. Hundreds of years ago, the Sule Basin Strait was a shattered realm, the islands run by dozens of senators clinging to the old ways of the Haeschren Empire. But the Haeschren had fallen, torn apart from within. Along the northern shores of the Sule Basin, barons were rising up, claiming land and building new lives. The alliance formed between the two was unprecedented, but the agreement they reached meant the barons and senators could work together to survive.

Now, the Gorgon Court is composed of twelve senators from the islands of the Sule Basin as well as twelve barons from the shore and mainland. There many more senators and barons spread out across the strait, but only a select few are chosen to join to Gorgon Court. Operating out of the city called Mgen Riy, the Gorgon Court holds the strait. As the Sule Basin is the only real passage connecting eastern Alrend’ris to the Inner Rukari Sea, the Gorgon Court is in a very strong position when needing to deal with other countries trying to sail their waters.


There are other political forces across Celduras, and even a few more on Alrend’ris. Kilaon easily comes in as the fourth largest, and then a series of independent cities and small countries, but none can match the might of Mirias Deil, Inturian, or the Gorgon Court.


The Challenge will Continue…

Over the coming weeks, we will be posting more about Celduras and the continents that compose Calus Rukan. There is a lot more to reveal. Constructs and oceans. Mystical materials, violence, soldiers, and war. This has been day 13, but stay tuned for our next set of questions.



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