Ancient Relics and Tax Collectors, My 30 Day World Challenge – Days 18 and 19


Our #My30DayWorld challenge. For this post I’m gonna to answer two questions: “What Relics of the Past Shape the Present?” and “How are Taxes and Tributes Collected in Your World?”.

The Legacy of Ash began as a role-playing setting for us, slowly evolving into fantasy fiction as the characters and cultures we created began to take on lives of their own. We hope you’ll follow us over the next few weeks as we reveal a little more about our world and the characters who bring it to life.

To start at the beginning, check out the first 5 questions here.

Click here to see the last post, where we discussed a few rare and interesting races.

This post will cover days 18 and 19. We’re doing them all on our Legacy of Ash Facebook page as well, so head over and give us a like.


4/6: What Relics of the Past Shape the Present?


Elemental Orb by Shahab Alizadeh


The history we’ve set up for the Legacy of Ash is very long. Celduras as a world is very old. The continents, including t’Avallin and Alrend’ris, bear the marks of many ancient and long dead civilizations.

Races and cultures have come and gone, though across both continents there are the relics and ruins of Aul Rukara, which once spread across much of both continents. Before that, there were varukhiri dynasties and an undead revenancy. Many cities are built on the bones of previous structures.

But the great radiants that formed during the Sundering are very influential in the current state of Calus Rukan. Æsc mentioned the radiants previously, but they apply here, and there is much to tell. Most hover above a city, the people below gathering within the sorcerous light. Small stars, they are orbs of shinning light suspended above the greatest cities of the world. Though their light may fade as night approaches, the mage stars neither set or rise. Their presence is a mystery. Do people come because of the radiant’s presence, or do the mage stars form because of the large gathering of mortal souls?

The light the radiant’s shine on their cities varies. Some glow vibrant red or orange, others cool blue or green. They influence where cities are as much as bodies of water or natural resources. They are worshipped by many. They are integrally tied to magic and sorcery. Pilgrimages are made to the stars, offerings left at shrines in the cities below. Legends say that the radiants protect the cities, shielding them from the threat of the ans’relan demons. But it has been so long since the demons were considered a true threat, and legends often lie.


4/7: How are Taxes and Tributes Collected in Your World?


Dragon Age Stuff, Merchant by Mancomb-Seepwood


In the Sule Basin Strait, on the islands ruled by the Gorgon Court, the cities are maintained and ruled by individual senators or barons. The city of Overtide is ruled by a riuttauri senator by the name of Secoh. The senator has been given responsibility of the island port by the Gorgon Court, and runs the city as he sees fit.

The day-to-day maintenance of the city is handed down from the senator, divided among his staff, each of which oversees a different area of the city’s day-to-day activities. Beneath these members of the senator’s inner council are various levels of workers and labourers. Among these are the tax collectors and publicans, who oversee their duties and deliver the collected coins to the city’s treasury. These publicans are generally assigned one or two militia soldiers to aid in the collection of the taxes.

This process, of course, will vary slightly from city to city. Other cultures will have other methods for gathering wealth to maintain roads, walls, and the safety of the noble born elite. Whether it’s in a small village, hamlet, a island port, or a larger city, coin needs to move for people to feel productive.


The Challenge will Continue…

Thanks for reading about the world Æsc and I have built. We’ve fallen a bit behind in the questions, but we will answer them all and we’ll post more about the Legacy of Ash and the continents that make up the world. There is a always more to reveal. Underground realms, demons, oceans, and gods. This has been day 18 and 19, but look out for our next set of questions.


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