Playable Characters and Relics of Power – My 30 Day World Challenge – Day 28 and 29


We’re nearing the end of the #My30DayWorld challenge, and though we’re many days behind we are still going to finish. It’s a double today, one question about characters we’d like to play in our world, and one about relics of power. The Legacy of Ash began as a role-playing setting for us, slowly evolving into fantasy fiction as the characters and cultures we created began to take on lives of their own. We hope you’ve enjoyed us blabbing over the last few weeks, revealing our world and the characters who bring it to life.

To start back at the beginning, check out the first 5 questions here.

Last time, I wrote a little short about the city of Sharkspawn and a festival called the Sovess Moon.

This post will cover day 28 and 29. We’re doing them all on our Legacy of Ash Facebook page as well, so head over and give us a like.


4/16: What Character Would You Play in Your Own World?


The Redeemer by TheMinttu
The Redeemer by theMinttu


The first character I played was a mercenary mage called Corlan Rees. Corlan was a young mage with a monkey familiar called Detritus. He was part of a mercenary company that tried to cross the Inner Rukari Sea. They sailed from Inturian to the Scorpion League, or meant to anyway. The company became separated along the way, many ships ruined by unstoppable storms, others lost, taken by the sea. In addition, an inner power struggle ensured that many of the ships never reached the far shores of t’Avallin. It was a fun campaign, though cut short as we delved into other stories, countries, and new characters.

There were a few characters after Corlan, but if I could play again (cough, cough, Æsc) I’d love to find out where and when Corlan ended up.

When I started playing Dungeons & Dragons, my usual go to for a character was a ranger. Sometimes I would branch out from the norm and play a fighter. (Risky, I know.) But Corlan made me alter the way I played, especially because we were working out how to handle magic. We’ve changed a lot about Celduras since then, worked out more details in our writings, and it’d be fun to pick up the old character and see what happened to him.


4/17: What is a Legendary Relic of Power in Your World?


Monk by Josu Hernaiz
Monk by Josu Hernaiz


When the Empire of Ildestra fell, Emperor Vies’senur assassinated in his bed chamber, chaos overtook the city of Ildestrene. The great radiant above the city, once a symbol of prosperity and order, quickly became a dead thing, a blackened husk in the sky that turned any who looked upon its surface with madness. The palace was destroyed, burnt with the first week of the emperor’s death. Much of wealth the palace held was taken, either by loyal subjects seeking to protect the memory of their noble emperor, or by thieves seeking to scavenge what they could.

Artefacts from past ages were lost, great relics stolen, sold off to tribal warlords, or simply buried beneath the city as it fell.

The palace had been home to books of ancient knowledge, items made by the great scholars of that era, relics from the age of Aul Rukara, and weapons from centuries before. Much was lost, but the greatest of all was the Spear of Skoraigne, a legendary weapon wielded by the Ruka Den’Aul, barbarian holy warriors said to have given rise to the Rukarans after the defeat of the Deathless Emperor, Sarcta Tenumon Yscandros. The spear itself is believed to have been made in the unholy city of Skoraigne by one of the emperor’s own generals. This general, betraying his emperor, gave the spear to the barbarian hero Tuminar Summerstorm and sealed his emperor’s fate.

The Deathless Emperor was defeated in the end. Some legends say Summerstorm fought Saarcta Tenumon Yscandros in the last battle of Skoraigne. Others say the emperor was defeated from within, betrayed by his generals, and that Summerstorm fled the battle, hiding in a nearby ruin while his sister wielded the spear against the undead forces. Despite the stories, the spear itself was considered a weapon of great power for generations. Lost when the Sundering ripped the world apart, the spear was all but forgotten for two thousand years before begin found by a kinasahr raiding party in an ancient ruin.

Renamed the Spear of the Raging Storm, it remained in the hands of the kinasahr tribes until taken by a young Badon Veis’senur in his conquests of the kinasahr tribe lands. Veis’senur kept the spear, discovering its true nature and using it as a weapon against the darkness. It is a weapon crafted by the dead, infused with the essence of one of history’s greatest necromancers. Its power comes not from the light, but by the darkness. Legends tell that it drained the tainted life-force of any undead creature, absorbing the necromantic sorcery, making the spear stronger with every life it takes.

Since the fall of Ildestra the Spear of Skoraigne has been lost again, missing now for nearly four hundred years. Whether it waits in the ruins of that dead city, or has in fact been found by treasure hunters and sold off to distant shores is not yet known.


The Challenge Will Continue…

Thanks for reading about the world Æsc and I have built. We’ve fallen a bit behind in the questions, but we will answer them all and we’ll post more about the Legacy of Ash and the continents that make up the world of Celduras. This has been day 28 and 29, but look out for our next set of questions. We’re almost at the end now, thanks for reading.


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