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Legacy of Ash About Us

In the realm of Calus Rukan, the Legacy of Ash awaits.

Broken coasts and shattered continents house a land divided.  The old empire of Aul Rukara is gone, its people little more than dust, three thousand years dead, though their legacy remains.  Empires have continued to rise and fall, the threads of time slowly unravelling their narrow paths.  Warriors and soldiers, charlatans and gods, the denizens of Calus Rukan continue their struggles, either for a simple life, or for dominance over all.  Demons roam the dark spaces between the lights of blazing stars, and auls pass overhead, a constant reminder of the loss of ages past.

Æsc and James originally devised the world of Calus Rukan as a setting for many an evening session of pen and paper RPGs.  Inspired by their own favorite authors, James and Æsc decided to use the world as a backdrop for a dark fantasy cycle called the Legacy of Ash.  The world is a realm of shattered continents, once connected by the great civilization of Aul Rukara.  But a sundering has divided all things, sinking mountains into inner seas and forcing great plains up to float in the clouds.  Upon the face of Calus Rukan, two main continents lay waiting to be explored, the northern t’Avallin, and the southern Alrend’ris.

And now, three thousand years after the sundering of the world, although light has returned to the darkness, ash still veils the sky.

The Authors

James Downe authorJames

James has always been a storyteller. Raised on lego, Nintendo, fantasy books, and tabletop RPG’s, he has been creating worlds, inside his head and out, for as long as he can remember. Even at a young age half his time was spent within his head, delving deep into imagination, unravelling new worlds, new languages and cultures, trying to sort out the stories that would never let him go. Greatly inspired now by travel, which allows an opportunity to experience other cultures in order to fuel the continuing depths of imagination, James has not let go of the need to create.

Currently, James is an artist and designer living in Toronto, Ontario. He lives with his wife, one cat, and three snakes, all of which understand the need for James to exist, at least half the time, in worlds other than our own.

The Legacy of Ash is his debut series, beginning with the short stories ‘Soldier, Kraken, Bard’ and ‘Redfall’.

You can see his Amazon profile here, with links to his published work.


Aesc Adams authorÆsc

Employed in the security field for more than a decade, Æsc has had the privilege of training under and alongside some of the world’s most skilled warriors, including members of the Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, British Special Boat Service and the Israeli Special Forces.

Writing gritty fantasy is the natural outgrowth of his love for fantasy fiction, RPGs, and his passion for archaeology, anthropology, ancient religions, dead languages, and Oxford commas.

He lives near Kingston, Ontario with his wife, two children, and pack of nearly-feral house dogs.

Visit his Amazon page to find all of his currently published work



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