grims drifts coverGrim Drifts of Sand & Fate

Paperback published Nov 2015
e-book published  Sept 2015

ISBN: 978-1517712150

In the ruined wastes of the once great empire of Ildestra, three knights hunt a fugitive.  Taren Chem, once a noble hero of the empire, has fallen into irrelevancy.  When an old acquaintance comes looking for the old knight to join the hunt, he jumps at the chance to relive the glory of his youth.  Little does he know what darkness or terror the quest will bring.  Old wars were fought in the Aesillian Wastes, wars of sorcery and forgotten power, and it is a power which lingers still.

As the knights begin their hunt, others move about the wastes, prisoners and guards, captives and prey.  Two monks escort a giant to his execution, while once bound witches scour the sands for living souls.  The Aesillian Wastes are not forgiving, the land itself at war with those who strive to stand on its broken foundation.

For Ceprium Past, an escaped inmate of an imperial prison, the wastes bring more than darkness, they bring redemption.  Despite being hunted by three imperial knights, Ceprium searches for answers of his own, for an end to the memories which plague his dreams, and for a way to kill an immortal goddess.  At the heart of this doomed hunt, weaving the threads of decay, is the goddess known as Tesc, the Flyborne Queen, the Empress of Wraiths.  The dead goddess needs a champion, and while Ceprium Past has proven his will is strong, Taren Chem and the knights of Mirias Deil will not give up their prize so easily.


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Short Stories

The Sullen Feather

The Sullen Feather

e-book published March, 2017

All is not well in the imperial city of Tyrant. The ruler of the city, Prince Tenoryn Curassi, is not a well liked or respected man. For two years, rebels calling themselves the Hounds of Tyrant have stood against the prince and his soldiers. But the Hounds have found too many spies in their ranks, and too many betrayals by those they considered friends.

When a gift falls into their hands, the Hounds take their chance. Holeni and Kaita, two rebels long devoted to the cause, are sent to secure maps to a hidden chain of islands, maps that will help the Hounds win their war once and for all. But the night is long, and their fight has only just begun.


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Soldier, Kraken, Bard


e-book published December, 2014

In a city suspended over the shores of a great ocean, a storm has come.

Soften has seen storms before, but those were nothing when compared to the winds which now rage along its high stone walls. The city’s harbours have weathered many rising tides, and the people of Soften are accustomed to pulling tight the shutters, stacking their fires high, and enduring the driving rain. But this storm is different, and for all their preparations, something primal dwells at the centre of this tempest, madness with no regard for people within its dark fury, a terror which quickly begins clawing at Soften’s soul.

For a city guard named Versas, Soften is home. For Ormenir Stills, a travelling bard who has seen much of the world, the city marks the end of his career. And for a girl named Ember, despite all the madness the storm has brought, this city is only the beginning.


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Redfalle-book published December, 2014

 Life has always been tough in the great grasslands known as the Heramear.

For years, a young girl named Jhin has lived in the plains with her father, hunting and fishing across the broad wilderness, while the memories of her childhood, memories of another life, slowly fade away. But her father hears the whispers on the wind, the rumours of war rising throughout the barbarian tribes, and knows it is time to head home.

Together they join a small merchant caravan heading east across the plains, leaving the Heramear and crossing the ruined expanse called the Redfall. The journey is long, and with the rest of the caravan, Jhin and her father search for a better life. But the plains are filled with dangers greater than Jhin’s father expects, and soon the caravan must face the wrath of the barbaric kinasahr, fierce nomads of the plains hunting for answers of their own.


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The Witch Ring

the-witch-ring-Final-2 - Æsc Adamse-book published February 2016

Mercenary commander Caidris ‘Legion’ Imbratha is no stranger to violence or intrigue.

When one of his troopers goes missing in the dusty caravan town of Selvidzar, the dragon-haunted leader of Jackal Company and his first officer, Brand, must follow the missing man’s trail, no matter where it leads.

But what begins as a routine investigation into a warrior’s absence quickly turns deadly when the pair find themselves pitted against an implacable adversary. Honor, principles & friendship will all be tested…in the Witch Ring.



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Swords for Hire – a Frontier Fantasy & Medieval Western Anthology

Swords for Hire pdf to jpeg conversion - Largee-book published February 2016

Medieval historical fantasy clashes with the rugged American Western. Louis L’Amour meets George R.R. Martin. Grab your sword and hit the trail.

Featuring exclusive, all-new works from the worlds of Teutevar Saga, Tales of the New World and Legacy of Ash, Swords for Hire: A Frontier Fantasy and Medieval Western Story Anthology showcases the undying spirit of the American West and the ageless allure of traditional fantasy. Stoic mountain men, intrepid gold hunters, fierce creatures, ruthless outlaws and fearless plains warriors come together in fast-paced, page-turning tales of action and adventure.

If you like fantasy with true grit in the style of Joe Abercrombie’s Red Country, Miles Cameron’s Traitor Son Cycle and S.M. Stirling’s Emberverse series then saddle up and ride with Swords for Hire.


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