The continent of t’Avallin lies primarily in the northern hemisphere of Calus Rukan, with the equator running through the desert known as the Forge.

“The landscape of t’Avallin is as diverse as its peoples, from the lush western jungles of the Emerald Reach to the rarefied peaks of the Ghosthorns; from the granite ridges and muskeg of Lethroël to the arid steppes of the Kujas Evarh; from the vineyards and barley fields of Revannyth to the web-shrouded forests of Eshkurre.

The Revanni city of Reikos is often called the Crossroads, for it lies at the heart of the continent’s trade routes. Here the Ravensway begins, running northwest along the Hannelore River, crossing the Ghosthorns before reaching its terminus in the lawless freeports of Tarrhë. The famous caravan route known as the Vae Tarchea also begins in Reikos, crossing the Kujas Evarh, where – it is said – the nomad tribes are led by deathless warrior-lords. The road skirts the desert sands of the Forge before reaching the gates of Tem En Dalakh, City of Cedars.

Lethroël (sometimes known as the Witch Kingdoms) is set atop a series of vast plateaus between the Khere Kiothra mountain range and the rugged cliffs of the northern coast. Lethroël is a high land of barren moors blanketed in mist for weeks at a time. The entire land descends from the mountains to the sea in a series of broad moorland ‘shelves’ each hundreds of miles wide. Endless rivers and streams cascade down the cliffs which break up this land. It is a sodden landscape of altitude-stunted pine forests broken by granite outcrops, peat bogs and oxbow rivers stained red by deposits of bog-iron. Deer and moose, herds of elk and caribou, and flocks of ducks and geese are all plentiful, as are the predators who stalk them: kujan, wolves, snow leopards, mountain lions and lynx.”

– An excerpt from the “Peregrinations of Daquin”, scribe to the Kheldr Prelacy of Drei Varos  (3367 AS)


The continent of t’Avallin



In the southern hemisphere of Calus Rukan lies Alrend’ris. Bordered by the Aechetien Ocean to the south and west, the Inner Rukari Sea to the east, and the jungles of Carias Deil to the north, Alrend’ris is a collection of several smaller countries and city states.

Within these borders can be found the great countries of Mirias Deil, Inturian, and Kilaon. In the southeast reaches of the continent can be found the great hold of the Gorgon Court, which controls the waters of the Sule Basin Strait. At the heart of Alrend’ris lie the remains of the Empire of Ildestra, now called the Aesillian Wastes.




The Aesillian Wastes

The wastes were once home to the Empire of Ildestra. At one time, Ildestra spanned most of Alrend’ris, from the Inner Rukari to the Aechetian Ocean, though after a series of brutal civil wars the empire collapsed, leaving a fragile and dangerous wasteland.


Aesillian Wastes
Map of the Wastes from ‘Grim Drifts of Sand and Fate’.



Tyrant, also called the City of Masks, is built on the shores of the Veis’senuir Sea. The city is a major port for Mirias Deil. Cousins of the imperial line of emperors, the princes of Tyrant have long fought for control of Mirias Deil, but none yet have sat upon the Ember Throne. A radiant lies at the heart of Tyrant, hovering above the district called Jaiendryn.


Tyrant, the City of Masks