Review: ‘Shadow Ops – Control Point’ by Myke Cole

An adrenaline-fueled ride through a darkly-imagined present or near-future setting in which anyone can manifest proscribed magical abilities. Myke Cole’s military and security contracting background serve as fertile ground for this opening novel in the Shadow Ops series, which follows an Army aviator whose budding magical talent pits him against a magic-averse military bureaucracy. Cole … More Review: ‘Shadow Ops – Control Point’ by Myke Cole

Cast the First Stone

So, I’ve been doing some editing, some rewriting, going back through a ton of old notes when I stumbled on this little piece.  I wrote this before Chris and I had really developed what the old Rukaran society was like, so parts of this may change.  This was an personal exercise for me, a way to … More Cast the First Stone

Heroes Die Trying

Alright, I think enough time has passed that we can talk about a certain character’s death without needing to say SPOILERS…wait, maybe not.  I’m going to mention some pretty beloved characters’ deaths in this one.  You’ve been warned. **SPOILERS – Star Wars, Game of Thrones, & Shannara (books, and possibly season 2)**   Alright, still … More Heroes Die Trying

The Witch Ring – the latest Legacy of Ash tale

We’re happy to announce the release of ‘The Witch Ring’, a Legacy of Ash tale by Æsc Adams – gritty fantasy in the tradition of George R.R. Martin, Steven Erikson and Joe Abercrombie. *** Mercenary commander Caidris ‘Legion’ Imbratha is no stranger to violence or intrigue. When one of his troopers goes missing in the … More The Witch Ring – the latest Legacy of Ash tale

Swords for Hire is now available!

We are pleased to announce the release of “Swords for Hire”, a western-themed anthology that features three exclusive new Legacy of Ash tales: ‘Weeping Stone’ & ‘Cowards of the Setting Sun’ by James Downe, and ‘Plaincrow’ by Christopher Æsc Adams. The anthology explores fantasy on the frontier, in the tradition of Joe Abercrombie’s “Red Country”.  Tribal … More Swords for Hire is now available!

James & Æsc featured in an author spotlight by TP Keane

Author Spotlight  In this weeks author spotlight I meet up with James Downe and Æsc Adams to discuss their novella, Grim Drifts of Sand & Fate, part of the Legacy of Ash, a Fantasy, Grimdark series by James Downe & Æsc Adams. What is your novella about? James – Well, Grim Drifts of Sand & … More James & Æsc featured in an author spotlight by TP Keane

Why I Love Stories

Stories are my myths.  They have helped form my belief system.  X-Men, Superman, Stars Wars, Dr Who, Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, and He-Man.  All of it.   These are my legends, my myths.  Our myths. (Hang on.  Quick disclaimer.  This post is all James.  I’m not saying Chris is or is not of the … More Why I Love Stories

Publishing on Kindle

Where do we begin? Kindle.  Self publishing.  Amazon. These are things I had zero knowledge about, a little more than a year ago, before I decided to take the plunge and self publish two of my short stories.  I hemmed and hawed, found excuses not to, and distracted myself from actually considering self publishing my … More Publishing on Kindle