The Sullen Feather

  After a long delay, I’m pleased to announce that a brand new short story set in the Legacy of Ash is now available!  This one is set in the imperial city of Tyrant, where rebels called the Hounds of Tyrant are fighting against the oppression of Prince Ternoryn Curassi.  The Hounds have been given … More The Sullen Feather

“Sons of Midnight” and “Hounds of Tyrant” excerpts

All right, so in light of us kicking off this site (early stages still) we have put up two sample excerpts of our writing.  These are both pieces still in development, so they very will change before being published, but we wanted to give people a taste of the writing.  At this point, feedback, criticism, … More “Sons of Midnight” and “Hounds of Tyrant” excerpts