The Sullen Feather

  After a long delay, I’m pleased to announce that a brand new short story set in the Legacy of Ash is now available!  This one is set in the imperial city of Tyrant, where rebels called the Hounds of Tyrant are fighting against the oppression of Prince Ternoryn Curassi.  The Hounds have been given … More The Sullen Feather

Publishing on Kindle

Where do we begin? Kindle.  Self publishing.  Amazon. These are things I had zero knowledge about, a little more than a year ago, before I decided to take the plunge and self publish two of my short stories.  I hemmed and hawed, found excuses not to, and distracted myself from actually considering self publishing my … More Publishing on Kindle

“Grim Drifts” Novella is Now Available in Paperback

Very pleased to announce that my novella “Grim Drifts of Sand & Fate” is now available in paperback!  Regular price is $8.99 USD.  You can get it at Amazon (.com, .uk, and .de) and through the Createspace store.  (Yes, this little piece of awesome is self published!)  Looks like us Canadians can order it through … More “Grim Drifts” Novella is Now Available in Paperback